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zoffoli-geographicaA Zoffoli planet globe is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to own an exclusive furnishing accessory Made in Italy. The experience and craftsmanship which contribute to create a Zoffoli planet globe are present at every stage of production, from the enthusiasm of the design stage to the selection of the materials employed.

Zoffoli Geographica Collection

Zoffoli planet globes comprise the Zoffoli Collection furnishing accessories line, modelled on the drawings and parchment-finish maps of historic travellers, and a collection of political globes and educational globes denominated Zoffoli Geographica, up-to-date and modern in design.

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planet-globeZoffoli planet globes are available in various sizes and models. Items available include desk globes and smaller models, such as paperweight globes or globes containing a roulette game and playing cards, making an ideal gift.

If you are not satisfied with a simple planet globe and prefer to choose from a wide range of high-class globes, visit our site and see all the models we offer or buy on-line our products.